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Cloud SSO to Dropbox
Done right

We've partnered with Dropbox to provide you with SSO for free.

Now you can have free single sign-on (SSO) to Dropbox for Business with PingOne. PingOne enables standards-based SSO and automated user management to Dropbox for Business, all while ensuring that identity information is safe and secure behind your firewall where it belongs.





Read the Box Solution Brief

Read the Solution Brief
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Seamless Integration
"PingOne offers simple, secure, standards-based SSO to Dropbox for Business customers."

-Ari Friedland, Dropbox

About Dropbox
Dropbox for Business is the same simple, easy-to-use Dropbox that over 100 million people know and love— now built for organizations. With Dropbox for Business, companies now have one centralized place for all of their important information, making it easier to work together whether they are sitting in adjoining offices or halfway around the world. Dropbox syncs seamlessly across all devices and platforms, so each employee can have their work with them at all times and know it is always backed up and safe.
Ping Identity
About Ping Identity
Ping Identity believes secure professional and personal identities underlie human progress in a connected world. Our identity and access management platform gives enterprise customers and employees one-click access to any application from any device. Over 1,000 companies, including 45 of the Fortune 100, rely on our award-winning products to make the digital world a better experience for millions of people. Visit for more information.